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Bio-based Sugar Cane (Green) Polyethylene is a renewable source alternative to traditional polyethylene with the same structural look & feel of standard rigid & flexible PE tubes

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The production of Sugar Cane tubes capture CO2 rather than emit CO2 into our atmosphere which leaves a positive carbon footprint

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Saving fossil resources by using biomass provides a unique potential for carbon foot print reduction

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Bio-based means that the material or product is derived from biomass (plants)

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Positive Land Use 1 hectare of land creates 77 tons of sugarcane, which creates 6,70 liters of Ethanol (1) & 3 tons of Green Ethylene (2), which produces 3 tons of bio-based polyethylene

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Sugar Cane Tubes are 100% Recyclable using existing recycling Streams

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Green Polyethylene helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions

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MOQ 20,000 per Sku (SKU Share Allowed)

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Supports growth within the agriculture industry

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