Tool Kit

Please utilize the documents we have created for your ease and convenience as you proceed with us through your custom packaging purchasing experience.

Tube Talk

Tube Lingo new for you? Reference this document to understand what we call different parts of our tube bodies and cap features.

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Volume to Size Chart:

If you know the ML or Fl. Oz capacity of product you want to house in our packaging but are unsure what the size dimensions for that tube would be or if you know the size of tube you would like but are unsure how much product it can hold, please reference our Volume to Size Chart.

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mm to Inches Conversion Chart

We measure our tube dimensions using mm. If you are used to measuring via Inches, please reference our Conversion Chart so our dimensions remain consistent.

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Add On List

Not sure what kind of Print methods you may use for your artwork? Still debating whether or not you want a Heat Induction Seal (HIS) on your tube orifice? Could Pre-Sealing the end of your tubes allow you to fill product via the tube Orifice of your tube? Thought about the aesthetic enhancement orienting your Flip Top cap could bring to your custom plastic tubes? Will shipping a portion or your full order via Air Freight help you to meet your timeline of receiving your tubes? If you answered Yes to any of these questions check out our Add-On Price list for further details.

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