Jars are lightweight, strong and have an outstanding barrier. They are made with many different types of materials, sizes and neck finishes in a wide variety of colors with different decoration techniques. They are 100% recyclable.  Learn More >


Jars come in a variety of sizes. We specialize in cosmetic containers in the form of jars for skin and beauty products, which are used for creams and lotions.


Jar Sizing

Consider the following information prior to placing your order.

T Dimension = The outside diameter of the thread
E Dimension = The outside diameter of the neck 
I  Dimension = The inner diameter of the bottle neck
S Dimension = Height from the top of the first thread to the finish
H Dimension = The height of the neck finish
  • Gram Weight = The amount of grams of water a jar can hold up to the fill line
  • Net Weight = Dry or wet weight of the product you intend to fill the jar (g or oz) 
  • Fill Volume = The volume of space your product takes up within the jar (ml or oz) 
  • Neck Finish = A series of measurements taken over the thread area to describe size, design, and turn parameters
  • Cap Height = The height of the cap measured without the jar
  • Cap Diameter = The length across the widest part of the cap 
  • Mouth diameter = The length across the inside of the threaded area of a jar
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