Tubes are cylindrical containers with round or oval profiles and a hollow inside to contain the product. Inexpensive, comes in many sizes, and can be customized with optional head styles and caps.


Tubes can be manufactured in custom colors and custom finishes. They can be printed using different processes such as silk screen, 4color process, digital, and flexographic. Tubes can be hot foil stamped or labeled.


Tube Colors


There is a diversity of optional tube colors to choose from, some of them include:

  • White
  • Black
  • Clear/Natural
  • Custom
  • Full Spectrum PMS Color Matching

Tube Finishes


Tubes come in different types of finishes to meet your needs, choose from the following:

Matte Dull reflection
Glossy Shiny reflection
Satin Half way between dull and shiny
Pearlized Glossy bright finish
Shimmer Finish that glistens like ice
Holographic Rainbow kaleidoscope patterns
Soft Touch Dull reflection and soft texture
Metallic Glossy metal look
Varnished Gloss, satin or dull coating
Unvarnished No coating

Printing and Decoration Styles


Choose from a wide-range of decoration styles and printing options. Please speak with your customer service representative to learn more.


We do recommend the use of an Eye Mark for proper tube sealing when crimping your tubes with your centered artwork. Also take into consideration the use of a barcode on your physical tube. If you would like assistance with this do not hesitate to ask your Sales Rep for direction or testing of the barcode you have chosen to make sure it scans properly.

All art files received must be .ai or .eps, Text Outlined, Vector and sized properly for your specific tube dimensions. If you have any questions, please reach out to your account representative.

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